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The Care Place 

For Young Women


The Center’s new facility in Jackson is designed by you to provide you with support that you want - at no cost.


Enjoy the relaxing and calming atmosphere with support groups, free meal support and meal prep support and Chillax - an evening getaway spot for relaxing and just being ok.

At Chillax, you’ll have comfy couches, bean bags, sleek chairs and throws to enjoy board games, crafts, doing school work and schmoozing in a semi-structured calming and easygoing place, supervised by upbeat nice people.


You can use the big front room, the Quiet Room, or settle in to one of the bean bags in the well-stocked library with a good book. Sit on the backyard deck - with a fire pit for the cool days and a pool for the warm weather. Stroll around the backyard vegetable gardens and large wooded area in the back. Look out for specially planned engaging events and activities, which you help create. 



The Quiet Room.jpg

The Support Group is a great way to safely meet others with whom you share similar experiences and who really understand.

Meal Support lets you bring your own from home and get the support you want from someone who is trained and understanding, and all in pleasant atmosphere.

Coming soon! Meal-prep support, shopping support for food and clothing, Pesach and Yom Kippur respite and more.

Quiet Room

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For Caregivers

Join an in-person support group to share experiences, direction and ideas with others who are just as compassionate and supportive as you are.

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For Sisters

Coming soon - Here's a place where you can let others - who really get it - hear about what's its like for you as a sister to live with someone working toward recovery from an eating disorder.

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